Binghamton University Art & Design

April 4, 2019

Project 3: Markings - Branding and Website Design

Markings is an alteration service for men who want to feel like Royalty.

For this project, we created a brand, designed its logo, business cards, and website. My brand is Markings, and alteration service for men. I wanted to work with bold colors and step away from the look of a traditional alteration services websites (which can be pretty boring).

We started the project by designing the logo and business card, and style guide of the brand, which you can find in my post below, and then moved on to the website. Before we started designing the user interface of the website, we worked on laying down the foundation of the website - working with grid to create the skeleton. You can check that out here!

Then, we moved on to the actual design of the website. I chose to work on Sketch, since I am most familiar with the program. There, I used the style guide to guide my decisions. What was most interesting is that I had originally planned on making the orange the main color of the design (I liked its spunk), but it slowly became the accent color, which is more spunky, in my opinon. Feel free to click on the image of the website to get up close and personal with it.

March 5, 2019

Project 2: Business Card/Style Guide

Feel free to click on the image of the front of the business card to get a look into the design process.

Click here to check out the style guide for Markings, where we introduced the brand, discussed its branding, identified the color palette and typography, explained why everything works for the brand, and introduced form elements.

For this project, we had to create a persona for a business of our choice. I decided to design for an alteration shop, Markings. Markings is an alteration shop for those that like to stand out. It strives to keep up with modern styles and caters to customers who do the same.

February 14, 2019

Project 1: Poster Redesign

A poster redesign for Trans Day of Remembrance 2018. The idea was to keep it simple and on the serious side. I wanted the background colors to be simple so that the flames and text stood out more, and centered the text to keep the serious theme going. "We will not be erased" was stood on its side to show unity and strength.